If you want to walk on water. . . Ortberg

There is only one way to increase your spiritual comfort zone, and acquiring more information alone will not do it. You will have to follow the Path of God, which requires taking a leap of faith. You need to get out of the boat a little every day. Begin the day by asking God for wisdom about where you need to get your feet wet that day. Call someone whom you have been avoiding out of fear. Express your faith to a person who does not know about your beliefs. Make a gesture of friendship toward someone when you are tempted to hold back. Risk speaking the truth to a spouse, parent, or friend when your normal course would be to hesitate. It does not matter whether all these steps turn out the way you hoped. Of course, things will end in failure sometimes, but you are giving your faith a chance to grow. You have to get out of the boat a little every day. As you do, your faith will deepen and your spiritual comfort zone will widen.


— If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat

by John Ortberg

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